Content Focus

Our Objective is a medical education site designed to prepare medical students for USMLE Step 1, 2, and 3. In addition, new features allow student to form virtual study group with other students preparing for the exam. You can create colleague groups, share learning cases, and create practice tests for yourself and other students. You have strict control over your privacy settings, and may remain completely anonymous or share your professional information with others.

Content Scope & Trusted Resources

Medical students have access to a wide array of review materials. The goal of is not to be a comprehensive source of information for practicing physicians. The goal of is to help medical students master the extensive basic knowledge that is required to perform well on USMLE and other standardized medical exams.

To achieve this we have establish strict definitions on what content is included on As a general rule, if it is not tested on the USMLE, it is not on medbullets. Our content only includes information from trusted USMLE review resources only. The content is generated and quality checked through our OSPREY (read more) educational platform. The content is then integrated with an innovative learning technique, called VEQTR (read more) to create a unique educational tool.

A Flashcard-like System used to Augment Text-Based Resources is different than a text-based resource in that it follows a bullet format. It is meant to be used as a flashcard system, where topics are reviewed briefly multiple times as opposed to being read carefully on an infrequent basis. Therefore, should be used to augment, and not replace, text-based resources that give a more comprehensive knowledge of clinical conditions.