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(M1.EB.70) A mother brings her 3-week-old infant to the pediatrician's office because she is concerned about his feeding habits. He was born without complications and has not had any medical problems up until this time. However, for the past 4 days, he has been fussy, is regurgitating all of his feeds, and his vomit is dark-green in color. On physical exam, the child's abdomen is minimally distended but no other abnormalities are appreciated. Which of the following embryologic errors could account for this presentation? Topic Review Topic

1. Abnormal migration of ventral pancreatic bud
2. Failure of proximal duodenum to recanalize
3. Error in neural crest cell migration
4. Abnormal hypertrophy of the pylorus
5. Failure of lateral body folds to move ventrally and fuse in the midline

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