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Femoral Region

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femoral triangle

  • Femoral sheath
    • a funnel-shaped fascia tube that passes 3-4 cm deep to the inguinal ligament
    • encloses femoral artery, vein and creates femoral canal medially
      • does NOT enclose femoral nerve
    • subdivided into 3 smaller compartments internally by vertical septa by extraperitoneal connective tissue that extends from abdomen along femoral vessels
      • lateral compartment contains femoral artery
      • intermediate compartment contains femoral vein
      • medial compartment contains femoral canal
  • Femoral canal
    • contains loose connective tissue, fat, lymphatics, and sometimes a deep inguinal lymph node (of Cloquet)
    • allows femoral vein to expand when venous return from lower limb increases
    • base of femoral canal (superior end) is oval femoral ring
  • Femoral triangle
    • bounded by inguinal ligament superiorly, sartorius muscle laterally, and adductor longus muscle medially
    • floor is formed by iliopsoas, pectineus, and adductor longus muscles
    • roof is formed by fascia lata and cribriform fascia
    • contains femoral nerve, artery, vein
  • Organization 
    • lateral to medial ("NAVeL")
      • Nerve
      • Artery
      • Vein
      • empty
      • Lymphatics
    • "venous near the penis"


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