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Personality Disorders

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  • Personality trait
    • enduring patterns of behavior exhibited in a wide range of personal contexts
  • Personality disorder
    • pervasive, inflexible, extreme, maladaptive personality trait causing impaired functioning or subjective distress
    • ego syntonic
      • patient has limited awareness of disorder
    • course is usually stable by early adulthood
    • not usually diagnosed in children
Cluster A Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • "weird"
    • odd or eccentric
    • no meaningful social relationships
    • no psychosis
    • genetic association with schizophrenia
  • Types
    • paranoid
      • excessive distrust and suspiciousness
    • schizoid
      • voluntary social withdrawal
        • content with social isolation (vs. avoidant)
      • limited emotional expression
    • schizotypal
      • eccentric appearance
      • odd beliefs or magical thinking
Cluster B Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • "wild"
    • dramatic, emotional, or erratic
    • genetic association with mood disorders and substance abuse
  • Types
    • antisocial
      • disregard for and violation of rights of others with lack of remorse
      • criminality
      • males > females
      • conduct disorder if < 18 years
      • commonly known as "psychopathy"
      • classic triad
        • set fires, torture animals, bed wetting
    • borderline
      • unstable interpersonal relationships
      • impulsivity
      • sense of emptiness
      • fear of abandonment
      • females > males
      • splitting is a major defense mechanism
        • relationships are either all good ("my boyfriend is a perfect angel") or all bad ("my boyfriend is evil and I hate him")
      • self-mutilation
    • histrionic
      • excessive emotionality and attention-seeking
      • sexually provocative
      • overly concerned with appearance
      • think "telenovelas"
    • narcissistic
      • grandiosity
      • need for admiration
      • sense of entitlement
        • demands "the best"
      • lacks empathy
      • reacts to criticism with rage
Cluster C Personality Disorders
  • Characterization
    • "worried"
    • anxious or fearful
    • genetic association with anxiety disorders
  • Types
    • avoidant
      • hypersensitive to rejection
      • socially inhibited
      • feelings of inadequacy
      • desires relationships with others (vs. schizoid)
    • obsessive-compulsive
      • preoccupation with order, perfectionism, and control
      • ego syntonic
        • vs. OCD which is ego dystonic
    • dependent 
      • submissive and clingy
      • excessive need to be taken care of
      • low self-confidence


Qbank (2 Questions)

(M1.PY.11281401) A 30-year-old male biology graduate student was dismissed from his PhD program after 8 years because he was not able to produce a thesis, claiming that his data was never exactly how he wanted it. He would spend weeks planning out a simple experiment, since everything had to be just right. For many experiments, he would start over because he felt he went out of order in adding the reagents to his media for his cells. He has had similar problems in his undergraduate courses, often failing to complete his assignments on time because he had to revise them until they were perfect. Which of the following disorders does this patient potentially suffer from? Topic Review Topic

1. Schizoid personality disorder
2. Narcissistic personality disorder
3. Obsessive compulsive personality disorder
4. Paranoid personality disorder
5. Obsessive compulsive disorder

(M1.PY.11281404) A 35-year-old male has been arrested on suspicion of arson. He has a history of criminal activity, having been jailed several times for assault and robbery. When asked why he burned down his ex-girlfriend's apartment, he just smiled. Which of the following would the male most likely have exhibited during childhood? Topic Review Topic

1. Bed-wetting
2. Odd beliefs
3. Fear of abandonment
4. Need for admiration
5. Perfectionist

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