About Us

Medbullets.com is an educational resource for medical students designed to evolve and improve over time through the communal efforts of those who use it as a learning resource. It is a simple but powerful concept.

Our Beliefs

Medbullets.com is built on the following core beliefs:
  • Medical education can be improved and made more efficient.
  • With proper incentives and guidance, medical students and recent medical graduates can and will produce high-quality USMLE review content that benefits themselves and their peers.
  • Physicians and physicians-in-training should be rewarded fairly for their publishing contribution.

Company History

Medbullets.com builds on the success of Orthobullets.com, a learning resource for orthopedic surgeons founded by Dr. Derek Moore, a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon. He realized after returning to his residency following a period as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group that there were opportunities for improvement in the orthopaedic surgery training process. Similarly, the Medbullets.com platform provides unique opportunities to create value for medical students:

1. Improved Utilization of Medical Student Value
We at Medbullets.com believe that medical students represent an underutilized "talent pool." The rigorous medical school admissions process selects for some of the brightest young professionals in our country during their prime productive years. Unfortunately, the daily workload that medical students face often limits them from more valuable activities, such as research, social service, and international medical work. We believe medical students can be more productive and more fulfilled during their training given proper incentives and infrastructure.

2. More Efficient Learning through a Structured Curriculum
By focusing specifically on the USMLE, Medbullets.com provides medical students with a high-yield, focused curriculum that maximizes test preparation efficiency. Unlike many medical school curriculums, Medbullets.com provides a clearly structured approach with appropriate, objective interval testing, leaving medical students more time to participate in other valuable activities, such as research or service work.

3. Decrease the Opportunity Cost of Medical Education
We believe there is a pending crisis that is not being appropriately addressed by the administrative bodies overlooking medical education. The cost of becoming a physician is increasing rapidly, along with the debt burden medical graduates carry. When coupled with decreasing reimbursement rates physicians can expect once in practice, we believe that many young doctors will be limited by how and where they can practice as a result of educational debt. This may limit them from participating in more altruistic activities while in practice, such as providing care for the underserved or going on extended international medical missions. By reducing the cost of educational materials and compensating residents fairly for their publication contributions, Medbullets.com hopes to provide one avenue by which medical students can reduce their debt burden. Medbullets.com was created on the principle that physicians-in-training are the ones that should be directly rewarded for their work, and thereby tapped into an under-valued talent pool to create high quality medical review material in a cost-effective and efficient way. The key competitive advantage of Medbullets.com is the "for-us, by-us" mentality that continues to attract medical students to our site, where, through their collective contribution, the site continues to evolve and improve.

If we work together, we can build something great, and we will all benefit.