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    Anonymous commented at 3:09AM on 04/18/17
    I have been doing the QBank for Step 2 CK for quite some time now, and I just can't figure out the section in TestMaster called "Percentage Correct by Specialty." Is there a key anywhere out there to tell me what the different abbreviations below each one of the bars mean? I would love to know where exactly I stand on each subject!

    Thanks to anyone who can help! This website is so wonderful by the way. I'm so thankful for all of it- wish I had found it earlier in medical school
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    Anonymous commented at 1:48AM on 04/01/17
    there is no word can describe how helpful this website is!!! Thanks alot
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    Anonymous commented at 12:55AM on 03/20/17
    Extremely helpful,awesome website.
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    Anonymous commented at 10:20AM on 03/14/17
    Excellent source for questions and explanations! It has been helping me a lot in my studies! Keep up the good work, guys! :)
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    Anonymous commented at 2:55PM on 02/28/17
    I cannot view images as well. I've tried different browsers and different computers. I'm assuming this is an issue with MedBullets' website. I would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this. Thank you.
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    Anonymous commented at 1:41PM on 02/28/17
    Hi, why can't I see the images in medbullets anymore? I have the free version . Has the policy and content allowance changed for free users? Do I have to buy to be able to access now?
    Thank you
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    Anonymous commented at 2:09PM on 02/27/17
    Hi, I just bought the Step 2 study plan, and can't access it as well. Can anyone help, please!
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    Anonymous commented at 11:20AM on 02/23/17
    Hello, I just bought the study plan to get the 300 questions for step 1. How do I access it.
    I need help, please.
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    Anonymous commented at 5:25PM on 02/22/17
    How about providing a means to x out of the sidebar menu, please. Thanks
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    Anonymous commented at 7:51PM on 02/21/17
    Today My avast website keep reporting "INFECTION VBS:Malware-gen".
    I was able to use the site for the past month without any problem.
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    Anonymous commented at 1:11PM on 02/21/17
    hi just bought the study plan in hopes to get the 300 questions for step 1. How do i access it.

    anyone out there can assist me please.
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    Anonymous commented at 7:17PM on 02/17/17
    any discount code for Medbullets step 2 CK 60 days plan?
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    Anonymous commented at 4:01PM on 02/12/17
    The top bar "Medbullets -- Search -- User -- Logout" can be much shorter, maybe cut the pixels in half to allow for more screen space. Thanks for a great resource!
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    Anonymous commented at 3:26PM on 02/05/17
    Can you make a Micro section for Qbank practice tests?
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    Anonymous commented at 12:27PM on 02/03/17
    I do not see Cardiovascular disease in the green band. Could you please correct this?
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    Anonymous commented at 3:58PM on 01/31/17
    Hi. I like your website very much. But the thing that is missing here is that the mcqs are not arrangedf topic wise. It would be better to arrange them in this way.....FOR EXAMPLE: Gastroenetrology....its topic (which you call as review topic)...followed by its related mcqs...followed by next topic with its related mcqs and so on
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    Anonymous commented at 9:37AM on 01/23/17
    Can someone help me, to work with the 988 questions unused. I can not open those? Thank you
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    Anonymous commented at 10:00PM on 01/11/17
    Hey I just want to give some feed back concerning med bullets. I go to a Carribean medical school and i took the USMLE step 1 in November last year. Got my results in December and i am happy with a score of 249. I used med bullets qbank after going through other Qbanks and i have to say, this website was extremely useful in consolidating everything i had learned prior. Will definitely be returning to this site when preparing for the step 2's. Keep up the good work.
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    Anonymous commented at 4:26PM on 01/11/17
    keep the awesome job you are doing here with many of your questions and explanation going .Your explanations are terrific .
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    Anonymous commented at 11:50PM on 01/06/17
    I like medbullets. I fromm PerĂº.
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    Anonymous commented at 10:39AM on 01/01/17
    Happy New Years!! I just wanted to say I appreciate medbullets and all the doctors who have helped answer questions. You guys in many ways are more helpful than other companies and have great content including questions. It means a lot because these board exams can be very stressful. Sincerely, I appreciate it.
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    Anonymous commented at 3:36PM on 12/24/16

    The OB/GYN questions are located under the name Repro. Sciences in the Qbank.
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    Anonymous commented at 10:24AM on 12/13/16
    I just have trouble to find the Ob/Gyn questions in the qbank, but I can see them in the subject topics. Can you help me out here? Great work. Thanks to all the authors for the wonderful work.
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    Anonymous commented at 7:16PM on 12/10/16
    thanks so much Chris
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    Anonymous commented at 6:52PM on 12/10/16
    Hi Samir,

    We are currently working on our new Study Plan for 2017 with new questions to be added and will be released at the beginning of the year as we do with each Study Plan. If you would like to be notified when we release our new Study Plan, you can email and we can add you to our emailing list. If you purchase the Study Plan now, you will have access to the new product when it is released.

    Please feel free to contact us here or at
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    Anonymous commented at 9:18AM on 12/07/16
    is there a new study plan coming soon ?
    if yes how much would be the new questions available and the tests different from the old one?
    and also the price will it be the same or different ?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:37AM on 11/26/16
    Good arrangement.Thanks to medbullets.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:58AM on 11/25/16
    Hi Shah,

    Thank you for suggestions. We will send your suggestions to our content team for consideration.
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    Anonymous commented at 12:29PM on 11/23/16
    I really enjoying doing certain topics on med bullets . I wish Medbulets can include some topic on Ethic and medicine and case related to it like DNR, Hospice criteria , brain death etc , thanks
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:35PM on 11/07/16

    Here are some answers to your questions:

    1.) Number of questions in each topic/category: At the current moment, we do not have this option, but we have sent your requests to our site engineers to look into it further.
    2.) Payment other than Paypal: To make a payment for any one of our products, please email for more information. We do have another option for payment that is not paypal.
    3.) Extra questions: If the system tells you that there are 1350 question and you have completed ~950, the other remaining questions can only be accessed as part of the study plan package which can be purchased.
    4.) Total questions: If you go to your testmaster, you will see the number of questions that are available in the free version of our site. This number includes both Step 1 and Step 2.

    For questions that require a quicker response, please email
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    Anonymous commented at 7:44AM on 10/28/16
    Hi there all. Is there a way, in the Qbank, to see how many questions are available per given subject, how many have I scored correctly, incorrectly, etc. Thanks.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:19PM on 10/25/16
    How do anyone know how to view what discussion/topics you're following?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:42AM on 10/22/16
    Hi there all. Is there a way, in the Qbank, to see how many questions are available per given subject, how many have I scored correctly, incorrectly, etc. Thanks.
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    Anonymous commented at 8:46AM on 10/21/16
    Finished 943 questions for CK, remaining 1158 questions. So, the pool of 943+1158=2101 questions is a mixture of all step 1, 2 and 3? Does any one know the answer? Thanks!
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    Anonymous commented at 11:26PM on 10/20/16
    Hi, I have been working on the question bank for my CK. After I used up around 950 questions, I couldn't get any more for CK but the system still tells me there are around 1350 questions left. Does that mean the rest questions are only for Step 1 and 3?
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    Anonymous commented at 11:50AM on 10/20/16
    Hi there all. Is there a way, in the Qbank, to see how many questions are available per given subject, how many have I scored correctly, incorrectly, etc. Thanks.
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    Anonymous commented at 4:34PM on 09/28/16
    I would like to pay without paypal, is this possible?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:53PM on 09/26/16
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:50PM on 09/17/16
    I'm not into books at all, so FA was just not as helpful as others had told me for my own way of studying. Finding medbullets has been a great aid for my usmle prep and I always tell other students about it, sometimes seems I should get paid for the advertisement ;) thanks for this awesome website. It truly helps people like me who like interactive videos, short reading and questions to test your knowledge. Also the fact that its free is unbeatable.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:09AM on 09/09/16
    Hi there all. Is there a way, in the Qbank, to see how many questions are available per given subject, how many have I scored correctly, incorrectly, etc. Thanks.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:53AM on 09/08/16
    Hi there all. Is there a way, in the Qbank, to see how many questions are available per given subject, how many have I scored correctly, incorrectly, etc. Thanks.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:17PM on 08/27/16
    I am experiencing some glitches with the Qbank tests. When I review answers and change them, they do not seem to be saved.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:57PM on 08/20/16
    I am getting so much pupsup in this site. Can't really use it.
    Page not responding
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:30PM on 08/18/16
    Love its contents so much.Thank you bullet team for an unique initiative.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:09PM on 08/17/16
    Dear Medbullets team, I got my score today and scored 251. I want to thank you guys for your help and especially Damian, your explanations were awesome. Helped me a lot during my prep. See you in Step 2.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:52AM on 08/08/16
    gud very gud
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:57PM on 08/07/16
    Great info on all subjects but can there be more videos for stats?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:19AM on 08/04/16
    very nice info. 5 stars!!!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:25AM on 08/01/16
    Hello team,
    I am using medbullets for awhile now and i find it as a great tool for the board exams, thanks to all the team members at medbullets who are working hard for such a great website. I am preparing for my step i exam and I was wondering if there is a way i can check how many questions are available in each subject like total vs unused vs incorrect/tagged (eg anatomy = total : 100 q; unused : 40; incorrect : 20; tagged : 5 )so that i can schedule and plan my preparation accordingly.
    If you do not have it at present is there a way you can include it as it will help students a lot.
    Thanks in advance.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:06PM on 07/27/16

    The Bullet team thanks you all for your comments and we do hope that you can take full advantage of our site. We have many more things in store for you in the upcoming months.

    Continue to post helpful comments and questions throughout the site and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Good luck everyone on your studies!!!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:20PM on 07/27/16
    Hi Admin,
    I am new here, my CK exam is in 2 weeks. I came across this website yesterday and the very thing that came to my mind was to postpone my exam. Medbullets have so much to offer. Its so concise and well organized that I feel sorry I have so less time to use it.Anyways, I am going to take my exam at my scheduled date and till then I'll try to go through the high yield stuff atleast. Thanks a lot for this awesome site.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:39AM on 07/27/16

    I want to personally thank Dr. Moore for taking the time out and making such a brilliant website. It is so concise yet explanatory in it's own unique way with the bullet points alone. Along with that, videos and really good illustrations make it an ideal way to integrate everything.

    Dr. Damian Apollo, thank you. I am seeing things in a whole new light. I appreciate it so much. Excellent explanations!! All other Doctors are great too in their own ways. Again sincerely thank you all.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:13AM on 07/27/16

    Thank you for the feedback and complement - I sincerely appreciate it!

    Currently we are doing just that - revamping all our topics, organizing them and taking out the extraneous information and adding high yield sections.

    Thank you so much for your feedback!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:36AM on 07/10/16
    Hello. This website is excellent, but would benefit from having all the pages formatted in the way that Damian Apollo does his pages (i.e., organized well with a High Yield section at the end).
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:15AM on 06/17/16
    Its coming. It will be about 3 months for the iOS app, and android will follow.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:11AM on 06/15/16
    What's the update on the Medbullets app? This website is amazing, and I would love to have an iphone app for it!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:44AM on 06/13/16
    I absolutely LOVE medbullets. It's my go-to USMLE encyclopedia; I wish I had known about this when studying for Step1, but at least I am using it now for Step2. Thank you thank you so much for putting this together with easy access for everyone. TRULY GRATEFUL!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:02PM on 06/07/16
    Hello MB members,

    Many times we are asked if we do X amount of and score Y% on the Qbank or other resources are we ready for the USMLE exam?

    Now the question is slightly more complicated as many factors will influence your final score such as stress, exhaustion due to sitting for many hours taking the exam, amount of preparation, etc... so the best way to assess your score and readiness is 1: What is your target score and 2. Have you taken NBME practice tests?

    Every specialty has a different average score and see the following site which contains the "Charting Outcomes in the Match" which is released every two years and contains the averages for each specialty:

    So readiness is subjective and it is really determined by the score you have in mind and the time you have to prepare.

    Now the second part is the NBME tests. There are several tests out there that you can purchase. Based on many forums and what students who have taken the tests have said, NBME tests 13 and 15 seem to be the most predictive of your score. Do note that this is based on when you take it during your studying as taking it too early is probably not the best option but taking it at the peak of your studying is probably better. Now we at MB do believe that evidence should always back the info so please check out this article

    Now newer practice tests have come out and were released earlier this year. Some do say these are also predictive, but it is too early to tell.

    Here at MB we are developing a new product that will be released at the beginning of the year that will assist you in your USMLE Step preparation. This product is being developed by our team who are highly talented individuals. Our team average on Step 1 is 251 and Step 2 is 260. We strive to bring you the best and as always please provide us as much feedback as possible and do post comments and questions on our topics and questions. We will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

    Goodluck with your studies and if you do have comments, do please post them here and update this info!!!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:27PM on 05/31/16
    Hi Joana,

    Can you please email They should be able to help you.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:14PM on 05/30/16
    I purchased the Step 2 review, and I have not received any emails about it.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:03AM on 05/25/16
    Hello MB Members,

    1.) Catherine, congratulations on your outstanding performance on the Step exams!!! We are so happy that you chose to use Medbullets for your studying.
    2.) Vivek, for the VEQTR method, when you click on review topic you should be directed to the topic that you want to review. Once you have done all of the questions, if you hit the back button in your browser you will be directed back to the question and the timer should have paused while you were on the review topic page, but will resume again once you return to the question. This will not work if you open the "review topic" as a new page/tab; the timer will continue.
    3.) We do appreciate all of your feedback and comments. If you need a response within 24-48 hours, you can always email us at

  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:56PM on 05/19/16
    I just checked my step 2 CK results. 252!!! thank you so very much for such an affordable and excellent review. step 1 was 254, and now this! thank you team!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:40PM on 05/16/16
    thank you my major source and only for usmle and no other source can be comperable with medbullets at all as i tried it all , and i am really thankful and appreciate the medbullets team for this big efforts
    thank you very much
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:34AM on 05/16/16
    Is it possible to add a pause function while do practice questions? to optimize the VEQTR method you ask us to leave the page to review the topic, but then may not have enough time remaining to finish the block of questions. Just a thought.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:20AM on 05/09/16

    We thank you for your suggestion and have sent it to our site engineers. We are planning on releasing some new features at the end of the summer so stay tuned.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:19AM on 05/09/16
    Hello Hasan,

    Please let us know if you are unable to still post the comment. We have looked into this issue and we are able to post a comment on the topic. Try reposting the comment and if you still have trouble please email us at and we will look into what may be the issue.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:38AM on 05/07/16
    This is a wonderful site that I use everyday to prepare for my step 1. I wonder if you could build/add a function of taking note for users to write their own notes that will be stored and accessed in a personal dash board, or something like that. Just a thought. Thanks a lot.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:35AM on 05/03/16
    Hello, why I am not able to write comment under each topic, even though I am logged in? Thanks

    Histoplasmosis,Blastomycosis are treated with ITRACONAZOLE (NOT Fluconazole which is LESS active against histo and blasto). (

    Coccidiomycosis is treated with Itraconazole or Fluconazole (NOT Ketoconazole)

    If I remember right, even there is a question in UWorld asking for treatment of Histoplasmosis where both Ketoconazole and Itraconazole are among options; correct answer is itraconazole.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:49PM on 04/30/16
    Hello MB Community,

    For quicker responses to your specific questions and suggestions, please email us at

    Here are some answers to your responses:
    1.) Over the next few months, we will be updating our topics and will take all of your suggestions into consideration. Please continue to let us know what you believe is high yield and what topics you would like to see created. We will then research the topic and create the topics.
    2.) If you have a comment related to a specific topic or question, it is best to post your comment on that page. We do our best to respond to comments within 24-48 hours if not sooner.
    3.) For information on the Step 1 Study Plan, please visit our webpage at
    4.) The study plan contains the following and number of questions that are not accessible in the free version of our site: 8 timed-scored specialty exams (369 questions total) and 8 timed-scored mock exams (414 questions total). The questions can also be done separately instead of taking the exams.
    5.) Although some topics are linked to other ones by clicking on the double arrow, we will definitely make the linking system more widespread.
    6.) The platform used on Medbullets is very similar to the one on the original website Orthobullets. The wording regarding OITE on the Top High Yield Topics will be changed as this reflects the Orthopedics In-Training Exam which is relevant only to Orthobullets and is not correlated with Step 2/3.
    7.) We will send all of your ideas to our site developers and we hope we can incorporate many if not all of the in the future.

    Keep on sending us your suggestions and comments and be on the lookout as we are developing new features to enhance your preparation for the USMLE Step exams later this year.

  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:23AM on 04/23/16
    It would be awesome it you could favorite a subject/page and then view all those favorites in one group. That way you could build a study-guide per say, or a quick review section for yourself to review later.

    I want to offer my appreciation for this site, its absolutely amazing. I love how its organized, love the practice questions with a detailed explanation and explanation of the wrong answers, and ease of use - It really goes a long way. Most importantly, I trust this as a main source so thank you to all the people who put time and work into this. Thanks again!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:50AM on 04/22/16
    is there a correlation between OITE and step 2/3 as far as high yield goes?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:24PM on 04/21/16
    I am a fourth year Canadian medical student who studying for LMCC part 1. i came across this site and just wanted to thank everyone for their contribution to this site. I will definitely be promoting this site and will share it with my classmates! Cheers
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:22PM on 04/20/16
    Hyperlinking keywords to other medbullet pages (like to wikipedia) would improve navigation big time. BIG TIME.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:09PM on 04/16/16
    Hi everyone, can anyone help me answer my question. I am a 2nd year medical student thinking, debating on if I should buy this qbank. Does anyone know how many questions are on the medbullets qbank for step 1?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:45AM on 04/09/16
    Love this site, I will keep using it and hopefully to contribute after I do well on Step 1. Thank you very much.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:28PM on 03/24/16
    What agreat person behind medbullets !! Thanks appreciated
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:30PM on 03/20/16
    thank you medbullets veeeeey helpful site
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:08PM on 03/16/16
    thanx for this great site...please update pelvic anatomy and safety scince..
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 2:06PM on 03/12/16
    I just want to say thank you so very much for having a free resource for STEP 1 Study. I'm so grateful to have found this! It's incredibly well integrated and the questions are extremely helpful.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:09PM on 03/03/16
    Hi, I think that a specific topic about hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, in the Pediatrics section, would be useful.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 12:53PM on 03/01/16
    Hi, I think you could add a section, in the Nephrology part, about Tests like urinalysis and others, in the same way as you have that section regarding biochemical lab techniques.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 8:27AM on 02/26/16

    To have our Medbullets Team answer questions regarding medical content. It is best to post your comment on either one of the following pages:

    Galactose Metabolism:


    Carbohydrate digestion:

    Posting comments on topics or questions allows other members who may have the same question see the responses in the appropriate location. We will do our best to respond to your comment within 24-48 hours.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:26AM on 02/26/16
    hi i want to know that lactase enzyme n beta galactosidase enzyme has same action both break down lactose.but deficiency of lactase has different symptoms and beta galactosidase deficiency has different symptoms.. please update regarding these.. how we diffferentiate b/w these..
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 10:49PM on 02/24/16
    Hello everyone,

    For specific questions regarding the questions banks, it is best to email

    If you do have comments or questions regarding existing topics or questions, it is best to post a comment below on that topic or question; this allows us to update it or answer questions quicker.

    Here are some answers to your questions below:
    1.) We do not offer the feature at this current moment to view all images grouped together.
    2.) To view our questions and their answers, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Some features of the site may not be supported by Safari or Explorer.
    3.) The topics that we add to our Step 1/2/3 specialties are a reflection of what is being tested. We will take into consideration adding a public health section.
    4.) We do have an app for iphones but an app is under development for android.
    5.) We are working on improving the capability for our members to add notes and save them on topics as well as check off topics which they have used/mastered.

    For further questions, again, please email For all feedback and suggestions, please post here.

    Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy the site.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:22PM on 02/22/16
    Can the medical treatment portion of HTN be updated to reflect JNC8? CCB are not second line, and BB are not first line.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 9:54PM on 02/19/16
    Anyone know how to tell how many questions are left in each section of the free qbank? For example, I'd like to know how many neuro questions there are total to plan out how many per day to do in a certain time frame. Thanks!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:47PM on 02/19/16
    i love this site
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:09AM on 02/16/16
    I agree with the comment below. Additionally, wondering if Tricuspid Valve Atresia could be including not only in peds but in the Cards section of congenital defects?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:06PM on 02/13/16
    Reflecting what the last comment said, it would be useful if each topic within a section could have a corresponding check box. Then you could check off which sections you are familiar with and focus efforts on other sections. Even options to hide the checked sections. A sort of "to do list"
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:34AM on 02/13/16
    This is exactly what I've been looking for: organized study material with integrated questions. Bravo! By any chance are there ways to save your own notes or reminders on study pages, if you have an account?
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:23AM on 02/11/16
    life savers! Money makers! and booty shakers! you guys know where its at
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:24PM on 02/10/16
    Needs info over Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 1:01AM on 02/01/16
    Fantastic job by admin and other colleagues. It would be great if you could develop an android app to access medbullets on go.
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 5:56AM on 01/27/16
    Hi, a section on public health and work-related diseases (in the Step 2&3 part) would also be appreciated, thanks!
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:58AM on 01/12/16
    Thank you so much for the Qbank ( and everything else) ... it was very helpful on learning material
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 4:44PM on 01/11/16
    Hi guys, congrats' for this website. I was wondering If i need to download the Java application in order to see the "preferred response". I'm not sure if is my computer or if I need the Java application. Thanks in advance,
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 3:28PM on 01/11/16

    is there any link where all the images are grouped together from this site. i am more of a visual learner. that would be great help. thank you
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 6:15AM on 01/10/16
    i love this site
  • user
    Anonymous commented at 11:43PM on 12/28/15
    APP is in development. Will likely be several months. It will be combined with the orthobullets APP. Here is the link to that app so you can get a sense of how it will work.*/id1046432285?mt=8

  • user
    Anonymous commented at 7:27PM on 12/26/15
    Dear Team,
    Just wanna check with you if rhabdomyolysis is associated with hypokalemia or hyperkalemia.
    Under step 1 section-Renal-Electrolyte disorders-Electrolyte disturbances, it is included under causes of hypokalemia.
    Please bear with my ignorance if I am utterly incorrect.
    Sree Metikala