OSPREY Educational Platform

A Communal Learning Platform

We believe that orthopaedic surgeons have all the ingredients to create effective orthopaedic review material independent of publishing companies. Therefore, we have created an educational resource that incrementally improves with the communal contribution of the orthopaedic surgeons who use it as a learning resource. It's a simple but powerful concept.

Content Quality Control on Multiple Levels

The criticism to any "open-source" informational site is that there are no strict quality controls on content and it can not be trusted as a resource. We have addressed this issues on multiple levels.

  • Our system is a "regulated-open-source-system" meaning only select individuals can create and modify content. We have assembled a team of orthopaedic surgeons who have all demonstrated a history of excellent test performance and a dedication to academics. Our team includes PGY5 orthopaedic residents, specialty fellows, young orthopaedic surgeons, and supervising thought leaders from academic centers. All are trained in the United States.
  • We have strict definitions on the scope and source of our content included on OrthoBullets.com. In general, if it is not testable it is not on OrthoBullets.com. Our topics only include content from trusted review resources and tested concepts from prior test questions.
  • OrthoBullets.com content goes through a strict and transparent content approval process before it reaches final approval. The process consists of an innovative restricted-open-source educational platform called the OSPREY (Open-Source-Peer-Review-Education) System. Through the OSPREY system content continues to improves and evolves over time while it is being used as an education tool based on the feedback of the people using it. Content does not reach final approval until it is approved by six orthopaedic surgeons on three levels of seniority (see illustration below). This approval process is transparent to the visitor so they can gauge the quality of the content. All users and visitors are able to place error alert on content to notify the authors and visitors that content may be erroneous and must be improved.
  • Finally, our content is rated on a Five-Star rating system by Visitors. This rating systems gives us valuable feedback and allows us to continue to improve our content based on the visitors experience.

Lifelong Learning while Simultaneously Raising the Bar on Orthopaedic Education

The beauty of this system is that all physicians benefit from their involvement. The residents and fellows "learn and earn" while writing content and the surgeons and thought-leader "learn and earn (CME planned)" while approving content. Simultaneously, we are creating a valuable free educational resource for the orthopaedic community.